Firmex Virtual Data Room Review

Firmex is an example of a great virtual data room suitable for businesses of all sizes. This is an ideal option for companies wishing to enter the stock market, participate in mergers and acquisitions, and are also associated with renewable energy, biotechnology, and pharmacy.

Firmex is SaaS

If a person’s work and lifestyle involve a lot of travel, it is beneficial for him to buy a car. On the other hand, if you only need to travel occasionally, you can use the services of a taxi or rent it (for example, in car sharing). In this case, he only pays for the service – delivery to the destination. And does not pay taxes, insurance, gasoline, and so on.

So it is with software. SaaS is like a taxi in the IT world: if you need service, subscribe and use it. You can stop renewing your subscription if the service is no longer needed. This is how Firmex works.

SaaS as a model is convenient for some entrepreneurs. It allows business people to pay (if long-term planning is not possible) less for software (in the moment); since it is not necessary to buy a lifetime license for expensive software, it is enough to rent it for a smaller amount.

Available on any device

Firmex is an example of software that works great on any device. Often, a user at home views an online store page from a Windows desktop computer and then opens the same page on an Android or iOS phone or tablet on the way to work. The developer’s task is to make the site easy to view from any device.

All required features included

With this software, you will be able to:

  • Live meetings. There are integrations with programs that allow you to hold live sessions online. This may be necessary if you want to gather colleagues. Also, when concluding large deals or conducting due diligence, you may need to communicate with representatives of a consulting agency or investors.
  • Documentation. The program can store files of any size and format, and the most popular designs can even be viewed and edited. Everything is possible thanks to software integration.
  • Video. Creative companies can also use virtual data rooms. All thanks to the fact that here they can be stored, viewed, and edited.
  • Webinars. If necessary, Firmex can be used as a platform for webinars and online training events.

Firmex was founded in Canada in 2006 when many virtual data rooms flourished. Not surprisingly, Firmex has absorbed all the benefits that a virtual data room could have.

Positive Feedback

And, of course, reviews of Firmex deserve special attention. In most cases, users note a convenient interface and affordable rates corresponding to the proposed functionality.

Both medium-sized enterprises and large companies that need advanced functionality find themselves here.